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Many people sense rather than know, that the present economic system is doomed to failure. The system of economic management as we know it, leaves some people no space in which to live and many others, only very little. For some though, it does allow a tolerable existence, and for just a handful, it opens so many possibilities that they have lost the ability to choose between them all.

Over the last years and decades, we have allowed a crazy thicket of fallacies to grow, as concerns a fair and satisfactory economy. The errors over economics were, altogether, solutions for problems which in their turn simply created a new set of problems. Ultimately, all these solutions have produced problems of an increasingly larger scale and whose greatest so far, we now see before us. Because up to now things have always somehow kept on going, they will also keep going this time - and many people think that. The so-called experts, the advisers and professors of economics, also think so. All their analyses, predictions, their suggestions for improvement and their crisis-management plans, show very clearly, that they have not the remotest idea of what they are talking about and have no real understanding of the matter. They are baffled, yet they veil this fact with extremely complicated statements that only serve to generate more confusion.

Most of us, in the meantime, have become accustomed to the thought, that economics is so complicated that only the above mentioned authorities can understand it. A fatal error.

We don't believe a bit of it any more. Because we can see that there is something fishy about all this expert knowledge - for otherwise things would be getting better! But we have just the opposite case - things are only getting worse. And so we decided, to seek out the reasons and investigate the causes of it all. In the process of which, we ultimately arrived at the badly functioning monetary system. It is unable to function properly because it hasn't been appropriately designed, and therefore cannot be purposefully managed. Just as all these things are founded on a certain thought, so the error in our monetary system is also based on a mistaken surmise. One which is shared by the whole world, and one on which it is in agreement. Except for us. That doesn't make our mission any easier and explains, why we need any number of thinkers, participants and investors, to be able to fulfil it at all.

And so we want to expose the errors which are strangling money and economics. We want to replace them with that which is right and true, and lastly we would like to see freed money in circulation. We would like people to begin backing their own ability to face these problems in a solution-orientated manner. To remove the difficulties at their source. The knowledge of our experts is unusable and has shown itself to lead only to confusion. As false and outrageously illogical.

We want to equip people with the necessary knowledge to make them wise in economics, for economics concerns everyone. All of us, from the babe in arms to the retiring president! That is why this existential field of human existence, should rest upon a firm foundation.

In short, we want to save our world. That is our mission.

Mission impossible?

We are banking on the fact, that not the whole population of this planet is tired of life. On that we place our bets. We know for an absolute certainty, that nothing is going to improve before indispensable, immodest seeming changes are made to the money. And they will only be able to be made, when all of us have a sound basic understanding of the fundamental coherencies in the economic system and the currently resulting problems.


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